If you need mail the documents to our office Please fill out the Authorization form below, and send it with all the documents to ASD Travel.(请清楚填写下列各项目,连同支票和所有签证申请材料邮寄至我公司)

Please send all document & Check or Money order to  ASD TRAVEL  4565 Ruffner St, Suite 213 San Diego CA 92111

Please make check payable to ASD TRAVEL(支票抬头请写ASD TRAVEL)

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Please list all applicant Information (请提供签证申请人相关资料)

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Please list the name & number of document you sent us (Original or Copy)(请列明提交材料名称,件数)

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Fees(Please calculate the total cost) (请计算总费用)

(Consulate Fee x Quantity + Service Fee x Quantity + Mailing Fee )

Consulate Fee $ 140 X   (Quantity)=$

Service Fee $ 60 X   (Quantity) =$

Mailing Fee (回邮服务费): 

1 -- With Fedex Return Label: $10.00 X1 =$10.00 (有回邮Label)

2 -- Without Fedex Return Label:  $40 X1=$40.00 (没有回邮Label)

总费用Total $


If your visa application was denied.  We only return consulate fee. Service fee will be charged. And we are not responsible for any damage, delay and losing due to mailing.   如您的签证申请被拒绝,领事馆的费用如数退还。ASD TRAVEL 的手续费恕不退还。如由于邮寄原因造成的损坏,延迟和丢失ASD TRAVEL概不负责。

 I hereby authorize ASD TRAVEL to submit my visa application on my behalf, and   I understand all of the Policy and Rule of ASD TRAVEL  on my knowledge  我委托ASD TRAVEL代我办理签证事宜,我已了解贵公司各项有关规定。


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